Ever have this conversation with a client?

Client: "How much time & money for this project?"

Freelancer: "I charge $50/hour and can get this done in 40 hours."

C: "So, $2000? Make it $1500 and it's a deal."

F: "Umm, okay. Deal."

*40 hours pass*

C: "So, I'm going to need 15 more hours to complete the website. That'll be around $750 extra."

F: "We agreed on $1500. I'm not paying extra. Also, could you make the logo bigger while you're at it?"

C: "Yessir."

*rinse and repeat for every client, until they quit freelancing, because this sucks*

If we could go back in time and re-do this conversation, it should have gone like this:

C: "How much for this project?"

F: "$10,000"

C: "That's way too much."

F: "Is it?"

C: "Yes, I can hire a web designer on Upwork for $10/hour, why should I pay you $10,000?"

F: "You're right, I'm not the cheapest option on the market."

C: "Why not?"

F: "You just told me that your in-store sales are suffering due to the pandemic. For $10k, I'll keep your doors open and generate you 2X my fee in product sales. Then again, that $10/hour freelancer sounds like a bargain. It's your choice."


C: "When can we start?"

Truth is, hourly billing is killing your web design business.

And it's damaging your client relationships, too.

Here are 5 reasons hourly rates crush freelancers:

  1. People are terrible at estimating time.
  2. Your client has to trust your time estimate is accurate, or risk paying more money.
  3. You are punished for efficiency (why would you complete a project in half the time if it means you'll be paid half the money?)
  4. The client is focused on the budget, not the overall outcome of the project.
  5. You have limited hours in the day, and therefore, limited income potential

It's toxic.

The better alternative?

Value based rates!

Where your fee is based on the value of the outcome you provide for your client.

For example:

Your client's in-store sales plummet due to the pandemic. They have 3 months until their doors close forever, and 10 years of hard work is down the drain.

You offer to build them a Shopify store, help them generate initial sales, and create a 3-month marketing plan to help them completely replace their in-store sales.

How much is that worth to them?

I know that I would invest good money if it meant keeping my doors open, creating another income stream by leveraging the internet, and having an expert hold my hand the entire way.

Here are 4 reasons Value-based rates are better for everyone:

  1. Clients are paying for a result, a valuable outcome... not your hours or skills on your resume.
  2. All of the risk is removed from the client since they already know what they're paying for (outcome X for price Y).
  3. Both you and the client are happy when you work efficiently (they get the result faster, and you get paid the same rate, in less time).
  4. You have no income ceiling, and get paid way more money with way happier clients.

Does this sound like a dream business to you?

A business where you can finally:

  • Stop working with lowball clients who don't value your work
  • Quit hourly rates forever and start commanding high fees
  • Never compete with Fiverr freelancers again and spend more time attracting dream clients
  • Blast your income ceiling and chart a path towards a 6-figure income
  • Attain the lifestyle freedom you've always dreamt of as a freelancer

Well, I want to help you make that a reality.

This is why I created a brand new, straight-to-the-point course called...

pricing playbook

The Pricing Playbook for Freelancers

A practical 7 step approach to raising your rates, stop trading time for money and start selling your services based on value, not hours.

In this course, you will:

  • Raise your rates significantly, in some cases 2 - 3x more than you're charging right now (without losing your good clients)
  • Stop selling your hours and start selling valuable outcomes
  • Attract better clients who are happy to pay your higher rates

When you join, you'll instantly receive:

  • An easy to follow 7 lesson course guaranteed to help you raise your rates and switch to value-based pricing
  • A beautiful 50 page eBook version of the course you can print out and work on by the fireplace with a nice scotch (or your bevy of choice)
  • The updated pricing calculator to show you exactly what to charge in virtually every scenario
  • Practical exercises for raising your rates and pricing your projects
  • The option to join my private mastermind of entrepreneurs who are making the switch to value-based pricing, networking & holding each other accountable to their goals.

Ready to buy?

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