You want freelance clients But you don't know where to start, and there's so much B.S. "advice" on the Internet these days, you're not "crushing it"... You're being crushed.

Allow me just 2-hours of your time with my free masterclass, and I promise you'll know if I'm the real deal.

Or just "another one of those guys".

I'm not going to waste your time. I'm going to lay it all out on the table in my workshop, and I'll let YOU be the judge.

I'm only asking for one chance. That's all I need.

You've had enough! You don't trust this junk anymore.

You've seen all the sleazy ads by some some dude who makes BS claims, forces you into his "funnel" so that he can milk quick cash from you and piss off with his millions, leaving you in the dust with the rest of the people he fooled.

It's a win - lose. And YOU lose.

But things are changing. People are catching on. And you've had enough with the tricks, gimmicks, and this "new age" of oily-salesman with no integrity, respect or true value to add.

I think the days of this "internet trickery" are coming to an end. People are too smart for it.

You are too smart for it.

This is good news! Why? Because it's making room for the people who legitimately have something to offer. Who have a solution to a very specific problem.

It's making room for people who lead with HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

It's making room for the people who do their best, so that you can do YOUR best.

And that's why YOU are here...

Because you have a valuable skill, a profitable talent.

Because you want freelance clients.

Because you want a better life, a better business, a better financial picture.

But you have a legitimate roadblock that's holding you back from turning those desires into reality.

And you're sick of being taken advantage of.

So, where does that leave you?

Well, you found me.

And you landed here.

Allow me to tell you exactly what I'm doing, and how I can help you.

1) This is a 2-hour masterclass for people who want to learn how to start a business & grow it to a full-time operation.

2) The masterclass is free, and provides very useful information and advice (according to thousands of attendees).

3) At the 20 minute mark, I provide a copy & paste script for you to post on your FB newsfeed. It's meant to get you your first client. It works (proof is provided in the masterclass).

4) The masterclass is focused around the 5 things I've found in my experience as an entrepreneur & consultant, and as validated by my freelancing community of over 400, to be the most effective strategies to apply to your new freelance or consultant business.

5) At the end of the masterclass, I pitch my course called, "LAUNCH". It costs $499, or 12 payments of $49.

6) Joining the course is not necessary. It's not "going away forever" if you don't join. The doors open often.

7) Many of my students have seen much success from this course — reported earnings have surpassed $200,000. That's the goal after all... to book clients!

8) I have no interest in screwing you over. I offer a "100% satisfaction guarantee" of the course. Maybe it's a stupid move on my part, but my theory is: if the right student signs up, they're going to be transformed by the course and will never need to ask for a refund.

So, what am I asking of you today?

I would be honoured to have you join my masterclass.

I believe that it will be incredibly valuable to you as a creator, coder, coach or consultant on your journey to launching a freelance business and booking your first few paid clients!

You do not have to join my course. But if you do, you'll be damn sure I'll be giving you the best I've got! I'll work hard to earn your trust and your continued business.

I believe this is a Win-Win... and you and I both get to win.

Thank you for your time. I hope to see you in my free masterclass.


Brad Hussey


In this free & epic training, you'll learn:

How to land your first client today
with a simple copy & paste script

How to shift your MINDSET
so you can get out of your own way (and stop worrying if you're "good enough")

How to experiment with difference NICHES
until you land on the sweet spot


How to leverage your STRENGTHS
and ELIMINATE your weaknesses to build a solid product or service

How to develop a great OFFER
to easily SELL your product or service

How to develop a marketing strategy
that gets your offer in front of the eyes who NEED to see it

...and much more!


Founder of Freelancing Freedom

Since 2012, Brad has been supporting his family as an Entrepreneur & Consultant. He's also created courses that have helped more than 400,000 people improve their craft, and launch their freelance businesses.


"I DID IT!!! I FREAKN LANDED THE JOB!!! I feel like your segment on mentality really helped me win it."

- Aaron Robertson, San Diego, Freelance Brand Consultant