5 steps to launch a side freelance business A free workshop for web designers and developers


Founder of Freelancing Freedom

Since 2012, Brad has been supporting his family as a Freelance Web Developer. He's also created courses that have helped more than 300,000 web developers improve their craft, and launch their freelance businesses.


You'll learn:

How to land your first client today
with a simple copy & paste script

How to shift your MINDSET
so you can get out of your own way (and stop worrying if you're "good enough")

How to experiment with difference NICHES
until you land on the sweet spot


How to leverage your STRENGTHS
and ELIMINATE your weaknesses to build a solid product or service

How to develop a great OFFER
to easily SELL your product or service

How to develop a marketing strategy
that gets your offer in front of the eyes who NEED to see it

...and much more!

"I DID IT!!! I FREAKN LANDED THE JOB!!! I feel like your segment on mentality really helped me win it."

- Aaron Robertson, San Diego, Freelance Brand Consultant