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Brad Hussey
Brad Hussey

My Name’s Brad. In 2012, I abandoned a $40,000 per year dream job to do something absolutely stupid.

Maybe you might think $40k isn’t all that much…

It is when it’s your only source of income, your wife is pregnant, and you move to a small city to start a brand new freelance business (against the strong advice of close family members).

I was trapped in a job that should have been my ‘dream job’. Except, I couldn’t stand it. I spent most of my time either at work, commuting to work, or stressing about work. Almost all of my time was spent away from the love of my life, my wife Laura, and I couldn’t stand it. In fact, my boss once joked to my wife, “I spend more waking hours with your husband than you do!”

(I did the math. He was right.)

What was the point of having a ‘dream job’ if I couldn’t spend my life with the person who was most important to me?

So, a few months before I planned to quit, I doubled down on freelancing on the side. I spent every spare moment that I wasn’t at work or with my wife on building my side-business. And the moment I could, I quit. No, I officially retired from traditional employment.

Ever since then, I've been supporting my family with my business. I've also created courses that have helped more than 300,000 web developers improve their craft, and launch their freelance businesses.

And everything I’ve learned, from all the successes I had and all the mistakes I made, I’m going to teach to you. Because it took me years to get my freelance business off the ground and stabilized, but it shouldn’t have. Not if I had the roadmap I’m giving you. If I were to start all over again from scratch… This is how I would do it.

Welcome to Freelancing Freedom.