Are you a freelancer or indie consultant who needs some camaraderie, accountability and business coaching?

I'd like to extend you an invite to my exclusive community of high performing freelancers and consultants that we call "The FFFam" — short for Freelancing Freedom Family.

It's a small group of actual working indie professionals, creative entrepreneurs and programmers who are helping one another on this journey of being self sufficient, getting clients and making a living doing work they love.

Your membership includes:

  • Weekly group coaching sessions on Thursdays
  • Access to a library of previous Office Hours recordings
  • An active community forum for peer discussion & networking
  • A professional network of busy, working professionals such as graphic designs, copywriters, programmers and SaaS founders
  • Feedback on your work
  • Direct access to Brad Hussey

Your investment is only $9 per month, and you can cancel anytime.

Member Testimonial

"That [Office Hours Session] I just got off the phone with was a win: the group helped me develop a clear idea of what my MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is for the new country/market I'm expanding to and on which platforms to present it."

– Levi Daniels