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Free Gift: Revenue Roadmap Interactive Tool + Pricing Calculator for Consultants

Charge what you're worth, double your rates & learn how to achieve your revenue goals in your business! I've put together a free gift for you that includes:

  1. My popular Interactive Revenue Roadmap Tool + a 30 minute video walkthrough
  2. My Pricing Calculator for Consultants that you can copy & use to double your rates
  3. Workshop Replay: My Triple Threat Business Model
  4. Workshop Replay: Pricing Workshop for Freelancers

What is LAUNCH?
LAUNCH is an honest online course by Brad Hussey that will teach you the exact roadmap to start your dream business from scratch, in any niche, even if you have no clients, no offer, and no idea where to start. With more than 400 freelancers, consultants & entrepreneurs enrolled, LAUNCH is the ultimate foundational training course about how to launch a profitable client-based business — whether your end goal is to freelance on the side or grow a 6-figure agency. This course will hold your hand through the process of starting from scratch & planning your offerings to booking your first clients & managing the business side of things.

Who is this course for?

Not just for web designers or coders! This course works for any niche or industry.
→ Busy professionals working a full-time job who wants to start up a profitable side project
→ Those who want to get clients as a freelancer
→ Stay-at-home parents looking for a legitimate way to earn extra income (that doesn't involve MLM or network marketing)
→ Those who want to sell services, coaching or consulting
→ Those who found themselves in the unfortunate position of being fired, laid off or losing their job and need to get back up on their feet

Do you desire to...

✓ Work from home (or anywhere)?
✓ Start an honest & meaningful business (on the side or full time!)?
✓ Earn extra income?
✓ Provide for your family doing work you love?
✓ Break free from a 9-to-5 job and daily commutes?
✓ Experience freedom of time, choice and finances?
✓ Spend your time with your loved ones, and your money supporting your family and community?

My friend, it sounds like you are an entrepreneur at heart!

And I want to help you realize that your dreams, big ideas and desire for something different are attainable!

You were made for something great, and if you are willing to put in the time, effort and challenge yourself, I would be honoured be your humble teacher, guiding you in your journey.

To get started, all you have to do is access the free demo of the course by signing up below! You'll get an in-depth look at what's inside the course, and you'll be able to make an informed decision on whether the course is a fit for you, or not.

I can't wait to serve you and enable you to achieve your potential.

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Cheers & much love,

Brad Hussey
Founder & Educator at Freelancing Freedom