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Ok, Brad...

  • Watched Your Video...
  • Man, that's exactly what I need...
  • Please: Help me grow my client-based business and break 6-figures.
  • I want you to help me with it all:
  • The Systems & Operations, Marketing, Funnel, Positioning, Pricing, Leveraging...
  • I'm ready to transform the way I do business
  • I have a budget
  • And I'm ready to rock this!

If That's All True, Go Ahead...

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“I am excited to say I have hit my goal of making an annual income of six figures!"

Aleia put in the work

She said "yes" to transforming her business (and her life)

And after only being in our program for two weeks...

She secured 14 new clients on retainer.

That was in 2016.


She's joined the "6-figure freelancer club"

Must feel amazing.

(Yes, it does).

“Do I have what it takes to earn 6-figures in my business?"

Maybe. Book a Call.

You prob'ly got some questions, eh?

Questions about how to scale to 6-figures

How to earn that freedom you dreamt about when you started up your business.

You’re still not sure if this is right for you.

So I’ve posted some FAQs for you.

The first one being…

“Who are you?"

Brad Hussey!

Business builder, teacher, change-maker, cappuccino-drinker, husband, papa, Canadian, song-singer, traveler...

I've helped more than 400,000 people around the world build their websites

Improve their marketing

And look dang good online.

Hundreds of my clients are freelancers and consultants who are taking their side-hustles to the big leagues.

“And what exactly is it you do?"

I help freelancers, consultants, and 1:1 service providers

(That's you, right?)

Grow their business

Charge way more money (and learn how to justify it)

Craft their marketing and messaging

Improve their branding and offerings

Attract dream clients (and scare the hell outta the nightmare clients)

And build a simple, profitable and purposeful business

That can scale to 6-figures

(or more, if you like it like that)

By showing you how to land new, better, bigger clients on auto-pilot

So you can stop stressing and "keeping your head down"

And start experiencing the Freelancing Freedom you deserve!


The "[email protected] Accelerator Program" is an 8-week Group Coaching Program

It's focused on the critical components to becoming a successful business owner (and not “just a freelancer”)

So you can scale your business to six-figures in consistent annual revenue.

We'll deep dive into:

→ Your systems

→ Your niche

→ Your marketing

→ Your positioning

→ Your pricing

→ Your offers

→ Your mindset

→ Your leverage

→ Your products

And we’ll automate your processes to make your business less reliant on you doing all the work.

I’ll teach you how to look, act and feel like the CEO — so you can actually be the CEO.

And do CEOs only make $50k?

(No. They don't.)

“Who's this for?"

Full-time freelancers or consultants currently making $40k - $60k who’d like to be making more and working less.

Maybe you've been in the game for awhile, but business is slowing down...

Leads are drying up...

You're being smothered by competition...

And you have no idea what to do...

Sound like you? (Yeah. That's who this is for.)

“What kind of results can I expect?"

You’ll grow and scale to 6-figures.

You'll know exactly who your dream (and nightmare) clients are.

You'll have a burning passion for your business again (if you lost that lovin' feeling for what you do)

You'll raise your prices (the right way)

And make more money (from less clients).

Your website & marketing will be sharp as a tack.

You'll have a standardized process for getting, closing, serving & retaining clients.

You'll learn how frickin valuable your services are.

You'll stop working in your business (and start working on it)

You'll hire an amazing assistant (and start delegating the right things at the right time in the right way)

Your mindset will change.

You'll have faith & confidence in your abilities.


None of this comes easy.

You still have to work harder than you've ever worked.

And there’s no slacking allowed.

But if you follow the path, and implement the process, you should get there :)

“What’s the process like?"

We start by understanding where you are, then chart out where you want to be through high-level training, implementation & accountability in the following four areas:

1. Systems & Operations

Eliminating, delegating & automating, creating SOPs, hiring an assistant, etc.

2. Positioning, High Ticket Pricing, and Niche

Honing your offer, your ideal client, charging high ticket rates, etc.

3. Leverage Your Offerings by Productizing

Creating an asset, based on your service, in the form of a productized service, online course, or continuity program you can sell to your prospects as an introductory offer or "core" offer on autopilot.

4. Marketing & Funnel

Your strategy, branding, copy, messaging, website, lead gen, content strategy, etc.

Plus, you’ll get access to me and my team for mentorship every week in our live office hours calls.

And you'll get community of freelancers & consultants to help, answer questions, hold you accountable, collaborate with, and offer complementary services to yours.

“I'm interested but still have questions."

Completely understandable. And I still have answers.

The best way to confirm that this is right for you is to schedule a call.

We’ll have a short chat to see if you may be a fit and discuss next steps.

Whether you decide to move forward is up to you.

This isn’t for everyone.

But if you’re ready to make it as a full-time consultant and freelancer?

I want to help you make it happen.

Your success is not something I take lightly.

Your call is free and there is no obligation to move forward.

We won’t try to talk you into anything.

If this isn’t a fit, that’s OK.

But if it is?

And you’d like to take the next steps?

I’ll tell you exactly how this works.

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