Only Accepting 10 Spots for the Winter 2019 Accelerator Program  

How People Like You are Leveraging Their Expertise & Intellectual Property to Create a 6-Figure Revenue Stream by Tapping Into a $200B Industry
Without taking on more 1-to-1 clients, becoming enslaved to endless “done-for-you service”, spending your life “hustling”, or wasting your time "blogging" and posting useless nonsense on social media.


The SERVE[at]SCALE Accelerator Program
An accelerated 8-week online group coaching program that will train you how to leverage your intellectual property and existing knowledge and package it into a high-value, transformational online course that can be marketed, sold & delivered on auto-pilot, 24/7.

Capturing your knowledge, passions and expertise within a product you can sell & deliver at scale is an asset that will prove to be one of the most valuable assets you'll ever add to your business.

By the end of this Accelerator Program, you will have a completed online course or training workshop that you can begin offering to your clients and prospects by the end of the program, guaranteed.


The eLearning industry is expected to reach $325 Billion by 2025
And you are positioned perfect to take tremendous advantage of this new, life-changing opportunity.

Teaching people with online courses is not a fad or a "passing trend". It's the real deal, and an incredible opportunity that is creating huge wealth for consultants, small business owners, educators, experts in their field... heck, even laypeople are changing their lives teaching online courses about topics they are passionate about.

Don't miss out on your chance to change the way you do business forever.

Are you a consultant, business owner or educator?
If yes, then you already have a proven business model that solves a problem for your clients and can be used to create a transformational online course!

Through your expertise and services, you help them achieve the outcomes and transformation they are looking for in their lives & businesses in the form of 1-to-1 client work, consulting and coaching.

If you can help one person, then you can help 100 people, 1,000 people, and so on…

But you can only take on so many clients until your quality of service begins to degrade, right? You know how much effort it is to help a single client, so how is it possible to serve 100, or 1,000 clients?

What if you could 2X your revenue, maximize your impact and serve even more people…
Without the need to commit to more 1-to-1 clients?

By simply leveraging what you already know, packaging your knowledge, expertise and guidance into a scalable product that…

  • Solves a major problem and builds deep trust & connection with your clients
  • Delivers your best training, education & solutions automatically
  • Can be marketed & sold automatically, 24/7
  • Can maximize your impact and influence to hundreds, even thousands of people
  • Has unheard of profit margins of 70 - 80%
  • Can be scaled to completely replace your need for 1:1 client work with a highly leveraged profit-generating engine

Yes, it really is possible! And this is what I’ve been doing in my consulting business for years…


My name is Brad Hussey, I’m an entrepreneur and consultant in the marketing & education industry

And I’ve leveraged my expertise & intellectual property to serve more than 405,000 students in virtually every country on the planet, with more than 41,000 reviews…

Since 2013, I’ve been creating and selling digital products, online courses, workshops, webinars, consulting and marketing services which has allowed my business to generate more than 7-figures of revenue in a short period of time.

Under my guidance and leadership, my students on this website,, have reported to have generated more than a quarter of a million dollars in combined revenue for their own businesses. And that’s not counting the 10s of thousands of other students who have not reported their results!

Before creating my first online course, my new business was reliant exclusively on “feast-or-famine” freelancing income
...You probably know what that's like, right?

The problem was… I quit my job to start freelancing full-time, and the only income my family depended on was my unstable freelancing income.

I needed a plan… and fast! My wife recommended that I host a workshop at the nearby University, teaching attendees how to design & build a website for their business. I thought it was an excellent idea to generate some extra income… but the entrepreneur in me wanted something more “leveraged” and “scalable”; something that could be offered to hundreds (even thousands) of people without me needing to “trade my time for money”.

So I created an online course and published it on the Internet.

Month one sales? $247.

Not bad! I’ll take it.

The following few months netted my business a few thousand dollars, and I reinvested profits to create another more advanced online course, as per the request of my students at the time.

A few months go by, and course sales increase…






You get the idea, right?

(And remember, these sales happened in the background, while I was still doing 1-to-1 client work.)

At this point, with more than a dozen online training programs, hundreds of thousands of students, tens of thousands of reviews, my courses have gone on to generate significant revenues for me in my business.

As you can imagine, with the experience I’ve acquired, I know what it takes to create transformational online courses, training programs and workshops.

And I’ve distilled that all of that experience in this 8-week Accelerator Program you won’t find anywhere else, which will help you create your first transformational online course at every step of the process.

Why leverage your expertise and create an online course?
Because as a consultant, you know that your expertise is valuable… but you can only take on so many clients.

By packaging your “intellectual property” into an online course, you can…

  • Serve your clients at scale which means you can accept dozens, hundreds, even thousands of new clients without having to be “present” for the transaction or “service delivery” to take place… your online course does all of it automatically (at your client’s pace)
  • Increase Client Lifetime Value by offering your online course to your current or past clients
  • Help smaller clients who can no longer afford your high-priced 1:1 services
  • Stop “hustling” and chaining yourself to your desk so you can spend spend more time with your family, on hobbies, or a vacation every now and then (you deserve it!)
  • Normalize inconsistent consulting income by creating an auto-pilot revenue stream

Imagine your life with a High-Ticket Online Course or Training Program
That generates an extra 5- or 6-figures of revenue for your business

What would your business — or personal life — look like?

What would you do with the extra time, revenue, flexibility, freedom?

Take a moment to imagine what that would feel like!

It feels pretty good, hey?

Will this Accelerator Program work for you?
If you have a service-based business where you help your clients 1:1, or you possess knowledge, expertise or a passion that you can teach…

Here is a small list of industries and niches that could dramatically benefit from creating an online course. If your industry is in this list, and you don't yet have an online course in your business, you're leaving money on the table...

  • Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Writers & Authors
  • Financial Advisors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Accountants
  • Design Agencies
  • Advertising & Marketing Specialists
  • Human Resources
  • Fitness & Personal Training
  • Negotiation & Mediation
  • Business Coaching
  • Spiritual & Religious Directors
  • Counsellors & Psychologists
  • Elementary & High School Teachers
  • College & University Professors
  • Lawyers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Musicians & Artists
  • And anyone with specialized knowledge in specific subject matter!

If you found yourself in this list, then you can package your expertise & knowledge into a scalable online course or training program that can help dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people — without you needing to “be there in person” to teach, train or educate them!


Who is the Accelerator Program for?
Joining this Accelerator Program is not about access to information — it’s about piggybacking and benefitting from the expertise & guidance of somebody who is earning a living doing exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

This is a high-touch coaching & accountability program from Brad Hussey, an entrepreneur and his team who has been working in the online education industry since 2013, sold online courses to more than 400,000 international students, and has leveraged his intellectual property to generate more than 7-figures in sales of online courses, consulting & marketing services. Under Brad’s guidance and leadership, his students and clients have generated more than a quarter of a million dollars in combined revenue for their own businesses.

  • Serious business owners, freelancers & consultants who realize that “what got you here will not get you there”, and are understand the value of leveraging their intellectual property into an online course that can sell on auto-pilot, 24/7
  • People who primarily offer 1-to-1 services to their clients but are looking for a strategy to scale their business growth and revenue by leveraging their knowledge & expertise
  • Proactive go-getters who are looking for “transformation” not “information”. Anyone can “scrape together” free information on the Internet about how to “create an online course in a weird niche”. If that’s you, this will not be a fit for you.
  • Those who are willing to “trust the process” and follow the guidance and leadership of Brad and his team
  • Those who understand the value of investing in themselves and their business
  • Those who agree with this statement: “Sometimes the most expensive decision, is indecision.”

Who this Accelerator Program is NOT for
This Accelerator Program is not for you if…

  • You do not have a current business or clients
  • You do not have a solution to somebody’s problem (a proven business model)
  • You cannot commit to 4 - 6 hours per week to watch a training video, complete an assignment and attend a group call each week
  • You are a “professional consumer” who simply buys stuff to gather “information” you never plan to take action on
  • You don’t like hard work or taking risks, and “hope” that the Universe wants to manifest success and glory for you
  • You are difficult to coach and unwilling to try things that make you uncomfortable
  • You think this Accelerator Program is a “magic bullet” that will help you “get rich quick”

Student Spotlight
Aleia went from $0 to 6-figures

When I started my Freelancing Freedom journey in 2016, I knew this was going to change my life for the better.

After only being in the program for two weeks I was able secure 14 clients charging only $250 a month. In 2017, I had my first $5,000 month and in 2018 I had my first five digit month in revenue.

As of September 2019, I am excited to say I have hit my goal of making an annual income of six figures - something that I predicted would happen last year!

The Freelancing Freedom program is literally the blueprint if you want to start, maintain, and elevate your business. Brad is an amazing teaching who brings humanity back to entrepreneurship.

His dedication to his students success is something I unfortunately have not encountered in many other programs, however he definitely puts effort to not only lead with his program but to lead by example as well.

If you have been contemplating starting your entrepreneurial journey I encourage you to trust the process and join the Freelancing Freedom program. There’s no better choice to go from employee to empire!

– Aleia Larkins, Online Business Manager, 6-Figure Consultant

What do I get in the 8-Week Accelerator Program?
A program engineered to help you create your first online course

An 8-week Accelerator Program crafted to help service-based business owners leverage their expertise — that would typically be offered one-to-one with their clients — and develop a high-value, transformational online course that can be marketed, sold & delivered on auto-pilot.

Capturing your expertise within a product you can sell & deliver at scale is an asset that will prove to be invaluable to your business. We call this "Service at Scale".

  • Each week you will receive 1 new training video, 1 assignment and 1 live group Q&A call with Brad, his team and the other accelerator students
  • All videos & calls will be recorded and made available to you in your account for your review at your own convenience, but the program is meant to be attended in real-time
  • Upon completion of the Accelerator program you will have a completed first version of your online course or training program that will be ready to offer to your clients, prospects and audience.
  • Slide deck templates, designs, plug & play scripts, course content suggested structure and resources to speed up the production of your online course, so you only have to worry about packaging your intellectual property and expertise into a transformational product for your clients, prospects and audience.
  • Private community of current (and past accelerator clients) for accountability, feedback, networking & camaraderie.
  • Priority support from Brad & his executive team throughout the duration of the Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Agenda
Each week you will receive a training video, assignment and live Q&A call.

Week 1: Your Course Idea

  • Introduction
  • The MVP Approach (and why)
  • Your Target Audience
  • Defining the Problem
  • Crafting the Promise
  • Choosing the Format (course, workshop, live, evergreen, etc.)
  • Recommendations & Templates
  • Assignment
  • Group Q&A Call

Week 2: Plan Your Course Content

  • Planning & Structuring
  • Modules & Lessons
  • Course description & information
  • Pricing & positioning
  • Recommendations & Templates
  • Assignment
  • Group Q&A Call

Week 3: Write Your Course Content

  • Write the first draft of your lessons
  • Recommendations & Templates
  • Assignment
  • Group Q&A Call

Week 4: Write Your Course Content II

  • Continued from the previous week
  • Group Q&A Call

Week 5: Record Your Course Lessons

  • Record your lessons
  • Recommendations & Templates
  • Assignment
  • Group Q&A Call

Week 6: Record Your Course Content II

  • Continued from the previous week

Week 7: Delivering Your Online Course

  • Logistics of selling & delivering
  • Self hosted vs. third party
  • Templates & plug and play resources for sales page and copywriting
  • Tools & delivery for software
  • Uploading your content
  • Setting up payment processor
  • Recommendations & resources
  • Assignment
  • Group Q&A Call

Week 8: Publishing Your Online Course

  • Structure of a sales page
  • Creating your sales page
  • Design & imagery
  • Tools to publish
  • Assignment
  • Group Q&A Call

What happens once I complete the Accelerator Program?
Where to go from here...

Creating an effective and transformational online course is a monumentally challenging step that most consultants and business owners never even complete. Now that you’ve already overcome that hurdle, you’ve successfully packaged your valuable expertise into an asset that you can offer to your past, current and future clients.

Also, now that you have the knowledge, experience and system for capturing your intellectual property and packaging it into a transformational online course or training program, you can replicate the process and create other products, courses, and workshops that solve different problems your clients experience.

Once you complete the Accelerator Program, if you require assistance growing an audience, developing a sales & marketing strategy, and selling your new online course, we will offer you an exclusive opportunity to work with directly with us to achieve your goals.

If the only thing you get from this Accelerator Program is…

  • An asset you can sell at scale to your past, current and future clients…how would that change your business?
  • Laser focus on one high-impact area of your business, rather than dancing around chasing shiny new tactics to grow your current business… how much time & frustration would you save?
  • Access to a small group holding you accountable to your success in the program… how valuable is that accountability to you?
  • A strategy and duplicatable system for creating highly leveraged products & services for your business…how valuable is that system to you?
  • A product that can maximize the impact you have in your industry, boost revenues 50%, 100%, 200% or more, year after year, without having to take on new 1:1 clients… how much is that worth to you?
  • Access to the expertise, knowledge and experience of someone who has sold more than 7-figures in online courses and training programs to hundreds of thousands of students in virtually every country on the planet… would this program be worth it to you?

If you only got one of these things from joining the Accelerator Program, this program would be worth at least 10 - 100x your initial investment… and you get all of the above!


Student Spotlight
Bao has earned more than $90,000 since working with us

The value you get out of the course is unbelievable. Thanks Brad, I appreciate what you do. I'm forever grateful.

– Bao Le, Agency Owner, Reputation Management & Real Estate Marketing

Secure your place in this high-impact training
That could forever change the way you do business & earn revenue

This is the first time we’ve ever offered this training to the public, and we are now accepting just 10 people to join the Winter 2019 Accelerator Program. If your application is accepted, we will offer you a seat in the program for a reasonable investment of $2,997. Once we close registration, the next time we accept applications, the investment level will likely increase to $3,997 or $4,997.

This Accelerator Program is designed for individuals and consultants who are committed to showing up, completing assignments and applying what they learn to get the most value out of their investment. If you cannot afford the investment to join the program, then it is not a good fit for you. If you understand the value of the program, and are willing to invest but cannot pay upfront, we can offer a payment plan upon request.


What got you here won’t get you there.
It’s time to make a decision.

You’re at a crossroads.

If you’re ready to…

  • Take your business to the next level
  • Maximize your impact
  • Scale your revenues (without taking on more 1:1 clients)

Then it’s time you created an online course for your business!

Every day that goes by without a leveraged asset, like your online course, is a lost opportunity that may cost you thousands (perhaps much more) in precious, automatic revenue.

Don't miss this brand new opportunity that could transform your business, your revenue and your life...

And join us in our SERVE[at]SCALE Accelerator Program to create your online course.

I'm looking forward to discussing this opportunity with you!

Brad Hussey